About Us

Forty minutes outside of Las Vegas is a refreshing oasis of natural beauty: sparkling crystalline emerald waters, time capsules of Hoover Dam history, and awe-inspiring wildlife in their natural habitat. Take this adventure with VGK, Vegas’s first and only crystal kayak tour company, for an exhilarating ride of a lifetime.

We currently offer three guided tours of The Black Canyon: the half-day Emerald Tour, the immersive full-day Black Tour, and the nighttime Neon Tour. Our unique crystal kayaks make all the difference, and are easy-to-use canoe-kayak hybrids, so everyone from novice beginners to experienced paddlers can enjoy the experience and feel at one with the canyon.

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At VGK, we take safety seriously. Each guest is equipped with a life vest, and each kayak with a high-visibility flotation device. Before embarking on your VGK adventure, our tour guides will give each individual or group a personalized presentation on safety and operational procedures. Throughout the course of the tour, every participant's whereabouts and condition will be closely monitored.

Our kayaks are very stable and easy to maneuver, can be used individually or in tandem, and can carry up to 480lbs. For your comfort, all kayaks are outfitted with ergonomic high-back seats and comfort-gripped adjustable fiberglass paddles. Our kayaks glide effortlessly on the water, so you won’t feel the same fatigue you get from traditional kayaks!

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Environmentally Aware

At VGK we have a deep appreciation for wild and beautiful places and respect their preservation. We take pride in our environmentally-conscious practices, so that the areas we explore can be enjoyed for generations to come. We leave no footprint of our own, and make every effort to remove any that we come across in our journeys.